custom branding Packages & Graphic Design

I create packages that truly represent you and your business. I’ll design a custom logo, choose the perfect colors and fonts, create engaging social media posts, and build workbooks or presentations that are unique to you. As your brand evolves, my packages will adapt to ensure you always have exactly what you need.

Let’s work together to make sure you stand out and achieve your goals!


Taking Care of Branding

Starting out can be tough, especially when it comes to building a strong brand. But no worries, I've got your back! My mission is to guide you through this exciting journey with my expertise, creative flair, and a solid understanding of your target audience. Understanding the unique challenges you face while seeing the opportunities to guide you through establishing a strong brand presence. Together, we'll overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities to create a brand that truly stands out. So let's dive in and make your startup shine!.


Look Who's Branded

Calling all coaches ready to make their mark in the industry! Don't worry, you've got this! We know branding can seem intimidating, but it's your chance to show off what makes you special and build a killer online presence. Just imagine the possibilities when potential clients see your brand and instantly connect with what you're all about! All it takes is a little determination, creativity, and sticking to your guns. You can create a brand that truly represents you and your coaching style. Remember, branding is like a superpower that'll help you reach your business goals. So, let's dive right in and make it happen!



I'm all about giving your brand a fresh new look through design services. Together, we'll bring your vision to life and make it shine! I'll take your existing brand elements and give them a creative twist, making your brand stand out and catch everyone's attention. We'll also create stunning visual assets that truly showcase your brand's awesomeness. My goal is to make sure your brand gets noticed and leaves a lasting impression. Let's collaborate and make your brand stand out from the crowd in the best way possible!

Start Up Package
Coaches Package
OBM Package


*Free Consultations.
Investment starting at $1800.


*Free Consultations
Investment starting at $2650


*Requires your own branding or can be added on.
Min. 3 mth contract.


*Free Consultations

My clients speak for me!

I love helping other and I love bring brands to life. Don’t just take my words in to account. See what my clients say when they walk away.

Tania is creative, hard working and enthusiastic. She continually sets goals and achieves them no matter the challenges she may face. Tania shows great joy through her work. Working with Tania is amazing. In no time I felt like she saw ME and was able to create graphics that embodied exactly what I needed for my brand. She took me from cookie cutter to unique in a snap. I would recommend her to anyone who is having difficulty establishing their online presence. She is the one! I get so excited when I see her work and how she has helped me to create as wellr work and every day. I enjoy working with her in business and everyday!

Keosha Jones, Productivity Coach​

i love what I do.

Stick Console

Problem solving

Never fear! With a little creativity and problem solving, you can overcome anything. One of the biggest hurdles is standing out from the competition and establishing your own unique vibe. Don't be afraid to let your own personality shine through. The most important aspect is consistency. You want people to recognize your brand and trust it - so set clear guidelines and stick to 'em! With hard work and a bit of fun, together we will have you being a branding superstar in no time.


Creative thinking

Creative thinking fosters a sense of confidence and self-expression, allowing individuals to share their unique ideas and perspectives. It’s a tool that can be used to overcome obstacles, spark imagination, and transform creativity into reality.



Branding is like having a superhero costume for your business! It helps you stand out from the competition and gives a clear message to your target audience. With a solid branding strategy, you can create a memorable and unique identity that customers will love! You will be able to connect with your customers and create long-lasting relationships. It’s like having your own fan club! It's a guarantee to boost your customer's engagement, loyalty, and advocacy!

are you ready!?

Let’s set up a chat! We can connect over the phone and have a good ol’ fashioned gab session. How about we book a call and get to chattin’ about whatever’s been on your mind? It’ll be like a 90s throwback, when phone calls ruled and we didn’t have those fancy-schmancy texting machines. So grab your cordless phone, your favorite beverage, and let’s have ourselves a good chat!