Tania Thomas

About Your Designer

My titles are Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife, and Friend.

They are also Designer and Artist. I can be all of them at once.

How can I help you express who you are…

Are you looking for a Digital Creator or Web Designer?

If you just need my skills let me let you in on who you are going to be hiring. I am ready to help your small business as a female entrepreneur who loves Color to attract your ideal client


Rhode Island is my birthplace. I moved to Tampa at the age of 3. I say I am Northern Born and Southern Raised! Ya’ll is in my vocabulary. Knowing where to get the best Cuban sandwich, is mandatory. Because of my husband, I am sort of a foodie. And I’d rather have water with lemon if the tea is unsweet.


I come from a very diverse background. I have always struggled with an “identity” What I have come to know is, I can only be who I am. My faith is Bible-based and you can find out more when you stop by JW.org. My love for my Creator, the Only True God, has defined my love of His Creation along with his use of COLOR. By imitating him, I see the endless possibilities of design from what I love and see around me.


Design has always been my passion. I rediscovered my passion for design as a creative with Canva and WordPress for Website Design. I am a wiz with Canva for any size of Digital Creations from social media posts to digital publications. I love helping Female Entrepreneurs discover their branding and digital stamp.

Let me help you develop your Online presence and express your vision with your own unique look and brand to attract your ideal client.